We can use it for the effective elimination of daily insects of the families DIPTERA, LEPIDOPTERA, COLEOPTERA, independent of size, species, age and number.

Here are some of the most distinctive insect pests, which can be eliminated with the help of the PMC insect trap:

- MEDITERRANEAN FLY or MEDFLY, (Ceratitis capitata) at citrus trees, peach trees, fig trees, etc.

- OLIVE FRUIT FLY, (Dacus oleae), at olive trees.

- CHERRY FRUIT FLY, (Rhagoletis cerasi), at cherry trees.

- BLACK FLY at fig trees.

- GRAPE VINE MOTH, (Lobesia botrana), at vineyards.

- ROSE TOTRIX MOTH, (Cacoecia rosana), at fruit-bearing trees (pear trees, cherry trees, peach trees, apricot trees, etc).

- GOLDSMITH BEETLE, (Cetonia aurata), at fruit-bearing trees, (pear trees, cherry trees, peach trees, apricot trees, etc).

- HOUSE FLY, (Mousca domestica), in warm climates, outdoors, in gardens or stables or vineyards.

- The PMC insect trap with the best results can protect BEEHIVES. Moreover, bees can be protected from the ravages of destructive pests such us GOLDSMITH BEETLE, (Cetonia aurata). PMC insect trap causes NO harm to bees.

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For the most effective results, install PMC insect traps EARLY, at the end of Spring, in order to eliminate the few insects, which have survived the winter before they begin to multiply uncontrollably.

Seasonable rainfalls are not affecting PMC's insect trap functionability. However, doing any other agricultural work at the countryside, weather condition should be considered. Check the websites below for the weather forecast of your area:

- (English).

- (English).

- (English).

- (Greek).

- (Greek).

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We suggest:
1. In fields with citrus fruit and olive trees in lines, one PMC insect trap for every three trees.

2. In fruits such us peach, or apricot trees, one PMC insect trap for every two trees.

3. In cherry and fig trees, one PMC insect trap per tree.

4. For vines, 6-7 PMC insect traps per 1000 m2 (square meters), is recommended.

{Square meters can be converted to any other metric system. Try: Metric Conversion Calculator}.

5. In isolated trees around cottages, one PMC insect trap per tree.

- All the above, however, will depend on the size of the trees and the distance between them. You can either increase or reduce the number of the traps.

- Instructions for use of the PMC insect traps are clearly set out, in detail, for their correct implementation. There are two types of baits that cover almost every insect. You can obtain some of the bait substances either from our company or from agricultural stores.

- There are a number of uses for the bait substances other than the recommended ones, using natural fruit or local vegetable juice.
- Have a look for our offers, at the price list page.

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