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Three persons, one agriculturist one physicist and one mechanical engineer founded PMC insect trap. The company is based in Volos, Greece, a prevalent crossroad of civilizations, religions and business activities in South Eastern Europe for more than 23 centuries.

We deal exclusively with the production and selling of the PMC insect trap. Its use lies in the effective elimination of insects harmful to crops, at a very reasonable price, without in any way harming the environment or causing damage to agricultural products.

Our company's products are of the very highest quality and above all are environmentally friendly. All products undergo the strictest quality control in accordance with the management system DIN EN ISO 9002 standard.

The insect trap has been around agriculture for many years, after having been strictly tested by thousands of agriculturists all over Greece-Cyprus, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal as well as by many scientific agricultural Institutes - Universities, with very effective and satisfactory results.

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The PMC insect trap consists of our company's unique product. Its success rests on the fact that it is completely compatible with the habits, the preferences and the needs of the insects for survival !!!

1. Traps almost every insect (of almost all families such us: DIPTERA, LEPIDOPTERA, COLEOPTERA), independent of size, species, age and number.

2. PMC insect trap is more than 5 times cost effective (functional cost less than EUR 0,009 per PMC insect trap per day), in relation to the use of spraying dangerous insecticides.

3. Affordable. It is made of durable plastic, (HD polyethylene), and does not have one use. It can be used frequently, over an indefinite period.

4. Compatible with the following three types of agriculture:

- Integrated Agriculture (I.A.).

- Biological Agriculture: Council Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91 of 24 June 1991 (see article 7, paragraph 4) and all updates up to now, on organic production of agricultural products and foodstuffs.

- Conventional Agriculture.

5. The crop, the trees and the environment is not affected in any way from the dangerous insecticides.

6. Beneficial insects can multiply so that we have a second helping hand on insect control management.

7. It is food luring with minimal insecticide content, (up to 2 per thousandth).

8. Bait can be customized to trap almost any insect on almost any plantation.

9. For lures we use fruit juice-vegetable one that comes from the natural insect's environment.

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